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Not Feeling Thankful?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

We admit many things here at, but one admission that runs deep is that holidays are loaded with stress. Whether you grew up in a freakin Norman Rockwell painting or were stuck in a snow globe shitshow, stress at holiday time happens!

Since we are pretty sure our audience is not 6-year-olds, we assume our community has many varying memories- from fantastically warm and fuzzy to utterly cold and painful - when it comes to occasions like Thanksgiving Day.

Here in America, the day is set aside for a nation, families, and individuals to take stock of what they are grateful for. It has become an unavoidable interruption to the normal flow of life. The internal pressure to define what one is thankful for can be motivating and beautiful or mortifying, simply unpleasant.

Doctor Phil, Oz, or some other happy-go-lucky psycho-whatever might recommend that we “change our attitude.”. We suggest that being grateful could start with “action”; “get” grateful about something or write down what you “should” be thankful for. Sometimes it's a stretch, but we believe that in everyone's life, some prospects for gratitude touch them or even surround them. We beg of you to search yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Keep searching until you can identify a thread of thankfulness. For us, it builds from there.

Once the lens of appreciation begins to focus, clarity arises in more areas of one’s life that warrant admiration. Try it, we beg of you. We have found that going through this process every morning is a great way to start the day. It may be uncomfortable at first, but we assure you that it becomes more natural as time goes on and is worth every ounce of effort.

We have also surmised that it is tough to be grumpy and grateful at the same time, or negative and positive (without blowing up), and nearly impossible to be simultaneously sad and happy. So, we are left with the ultimate choice… what will my bent be today? - What will I pursue with passion?

As an aside, we at are incredibly thankful for this emerging community of like-minded individuals who share a commitment to a sober lifestyle with us.

“Happy” Thanksgiving!


Ideas and thoughts for this blog post were taken and built upon from podcast #87 Titled: “Thanksgiving” The podcast dropped on 11/23/2022 click here to hear the podcast


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