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Every day is Sundae

The origin of the ice cream Sundae is a matter of opinion more than fact, as many a soda shop claim to be the earliest source of the frozen deliciousness.  This post will not enter the debate of the beginnings but will instead focus on the delight of the dessert.  Also, not up for discussion in this writing is an exact recipe for the best Sundae blend, as personal preference prevails in creating the perfect product. 

Similarly, the origin of effective recovery programs can lead to debate as the struggle with addiction and attempts at resolve have been around since dirt.  We will not go there, nor will we spell out the exact amount of each element required for optimum results, as so much depends on where one is coming from at point of entry.

The best place to start the discussion of building the perfect blend is to agree on the base. And right from the start, we are forced to choose a flavor that agrees with our tastebuds and will serve the Sundae well.  In sobriety, we need select a program consistent with our confidence, one that we believe will deliver what we envision as a positive change from the course we find ourselves on. 

Chocolate is not everybody’s flavor of choice.  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is not everybody’s answer to addiction rescue.  There is nothing wrong with chocolate.  There is nothing wrong with AA.  But there are other options, other ways to achieve sweetness and success.

We tend to go through life thinking that only 1+1=2. When in fact, 1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2=2, 1/3x6, and other fractions combined bring us to the same destination.  We are also inclined to believe that our flavor is the best base and that only one faction can succeed in sobriety.  We know an exceptional desert can be built on many flavors and remarkable recovery from many alternatives.

The crux of the Sundae is found in the base.  The core of recovery is located in the program.  What we choose is less important than that we choose.  For once we have a base we can begin to build. 

Toppings are what turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Executed effectively, program work turns the particulars into a spectacular transformation. 

There is no recipe for the perfect Sundae, as perfection is each person's perception.  More nuts and less chocolate, more caramel and fewer cherries for some, and the opposite for others.  In the end, what is expected is pleasure within each bite.  More spirituality and less service, more relationship work, and less meeting attendance for some and the opposite for others.  What is expected is realistic results based on faithful actions. Deliciousness all around.  

The hope in this post is that we position ourselves as creators of the delicacies of our choice.  That we accept that we are creating to consume.  That all ice cream is good ice cream and that all efforts to find sobriety are worthwhile efforts. 

We are constantly building a program with ingredients found in the rooms of recovery we frequent.  There is always effort, tweaking, and the sweet taste of success.  The goal is to experience the perfect blend in each bite, each minute, and each day. 

Though our base may differ, and our mix may not be to everybody’s liking, we are encouraged to keep creating as we build for self-consumption. 

Though our calendar says it is a Wednesday, where we come from, every day is Sundae.


Thoughts and ideas for this blog post were taken and built upon from podcast #153  titled “Living in the Moment - the next 24”… The session dropped on 2/28/2024….Click here to hear the podcast. 




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