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Behind the counter; part 1

Be careful when somebody asks to “brainstorm” with you – it sometimes opens up doors you thought were padlocked for life.

This is precisely what happened when Glenn asked Mike to coffee in March of 2021. We were still in the throes of the COVID pandemic and were navigating virtual meetings and digital workshops when Glenn stressed that we needed to do more to meet the struggling alcoholic where they were. He identified the need for a community forum and suggested a podcast.

Mike answered with an emphatic YES even though he knew nothing about the podcast space and admittedly felt he had nothing other than project management skills to offer the venture.

It was decided that structure and quality would be the beat that would lead us, so we contacted AudioHive Podcast Studio in Joliet, Illinois, and began recording studio sessions in a few short weeks. Brian, the owner/chief engineer at Audiohive, turned out to be a literal godsend as he was able to help navigate the space and deliver a quality product at every turn.

Behind the scenes, Glenn continued to press the pace of throwing seeds. Truth be told, he is the brains behind our momentum while Mike leans in to keep the pace.

Willingness is the theme of our existence. Willingness to say yes in the face of fear and willingness to be open to direction and suggestions from those who have walked the path.

THAT is the life lesson for us.

Our favorite moments come when we hear back from our community of listeners about how something we have shared has touched them – or that just listening to sobriety banter between sips helps them stay sober for another 24 hours. We wouldn’t have these moments if we were not open to growth.

So, lean in and enjoy the ride. Be open and willing to take your life to the next level.

Recovery promises to be rewarding!


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