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I've lost control, and I'm OK with it

Step 3 of the 12-step program calls us to give up control of our will and lives to a power greater than ourselves.

We don't know about you, but acceptance of this is a challenging proposition for us.

We admittedly felt comfortable in the driver’s seat of our lives with our feet firmly on the gas pedal, heading directly into a wall at 180 miles an hour.

Nobody wants somebody else or something else to control their lives. The less control one gets in a lifetime, The better the gauge of happiness. Right?

But this isn't the first step in the 12-step process; this is the third step. To us, it's a comforting step because, in step 1, we surrendered to our addiction, and in Step 2, we admitted that something bigger and more significant than ourselves could be our answer. So, in Step 3, we must take that surrender and hand it over to that greater power. It sounds so simple, but many people get hung up on this step, maybe because of ego, and give up a lifetime of opportunity over what turns out to be our most significant path to freedom.

And the fantastic outcome is that we get to be a passenger in a vehicle safely breaking and turning at precisely the correct times. We promise that you will find peace in surrendering control.

Why not give it a try? The worse that happens is that you uncover real peace.


Thoughts and ideas for this blog post were taken and built upon from sober. coffee podcast #3 Titled: “Step 3 - Made a Decision” The podcast dropped on 4/21/2021. Click here to hear the podcast

Photo by KS KYUNG on Unsplash


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