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Magnet to right living

Magnets are intriguing. The push and pull of this invisible force amazed us in our youth and still interests us today, as we feel an internal tug on some things while instinctively repelling others.  As the crust of the earth is naturally magnetized, we think we humans, too, possess a natural force that both draws and resists, pushes and pulls, and tugs and repels. 

We have drifted through life responding to pain or the threat of pain with a hard push away from the hurt and an instinctive pull toward immediate relief of the ache. 

This played out, for us, in turning from real and raw emotions while turning toward alcohol to numb the effect of the pain.  We fled the feelings for what was fleeting.  We drowned our despair temporarily in a way that made sense to us. And as a matter of record, this strategy worked for us - until it didn’t.  It flourished until it failed.  The polarity of the poison overpowered our sensibility.

A magnet's north pole will attract a south pole, yet two norths will repel each other. Our experience was that alcohol's attraction seemed to make sense. Readily available and socially acceptable, we felt ready to have it do its magic on us.  Everybody was drawn to its positive effects, and only occasionally were we exposed to its negative consequences.

We have seen firsthand the wreckage of abuse. We respect the drink's reign over will and logic; we have surrendered and, therefore, have gained the use of our power barometer.  We can now see clearly the natural tie to the positive action that brings real reprieve from the inherent hurt in us all. 

We push away from the lie that alcohol lays out and instead draw toward the truth of the promise found in sober living.  We run from the wreckage and run to recovery. Our internal response mechanism, the positive and negative gauge that protects us from pain, works well if we use it.  We need only be aware of what is authentic and healthy and what is fabricated and dangerous to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Today, when we feel a pull, we check it against the principles and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as our moral compass before we act. Magnetism has no energy of its own but is a force.  We have energy and are a force.  We now know the benefit of wise counsel and careful analysis before action.

We are no longer drawn to the destructive negatives that alcohol delivers but to the positive, the peace that the program promises. 


"We feel we are on the Broad Highway, walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe."  Page 75 of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book



Thoughts and ideas for this blog post were taken and built upon from podcast #168  titled “Thoughts on Therapy - coffee with Liz Kelly LICSW”The session dropped 6/12/2024.    Click here to hear the podcast. 



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