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Sobriety is real because we are real.

We send thousands of messages to our brains daily.  Most of the time, they are accurately processed.  Sometimes, things get misinterpreted, and our brain spits a false positive.  Usually, we catch the error.  Occasionally, we don’t make the catch and act wrongly based on the bad data.  We understand that the results are often real – but not always.

The point is that through maturing soberly, we have learned to discern realities - to manage signals through the filter of a mind development discipline we have picked up along our journey of clarity. 

We ask the honesty questions first: is this true; am I deceiving myself or others in this scenario? have I processed and presented ALL of the facts? (Truly, lying-by-omission is as dishonest as a straight lie).

So much of our past was based on half-truths or total and pure bullshit.  We lied to others as inhaling our oxygen.  We believed most of what we said because our receptors were dull or damaged.  We supported our basis, which was established on a foundation of fallacy. 

Sobriety and sober circles are, for the most part, built on the premise of reality – the principle of honesty.  We have seen that bleed over to our spheres of family and friends, coworkers and associates.  It bleeds because we are the cut.  We establish truth as the cornerstone on which the relationship is built.  We trust, and we are trusted. 

This approach has brought us peace, serenity, and stress-free scenarios.

Today, we lead with strong action and are not swayed by weaker intentions.  We find that hope lives within the existence of reality.  Hopelessness, on the other hand, resides in falsities and we had become masters of manufacturing these fake promises – to others and ourselves.  

Our mission is to introduce honesty as a viable option for those caught in the cycle of deception.  To break the chain that imprisons countless souls.  To show that an alternative to fruitlessness is available to anyone who invests in catching the signals early and re-processing with a formula designed to deliver a fruitful response. 

Our lives are so much better when we accept truth and distribute truth.  Truth seems to flow freely when the waters are clear of debris.  When sought, true honesty is easily identified. 

Advancing with absolute honesty is hardly ever the easier, softer way.  On the contrary, the truth often hurts.  The slight pain experienced almost always pays back significant and positive dividends. 

Like everything good, this new response method took practice and a disciplined approach to get the bugs out.  We have failed a lot.  We still fail.  We fail because we choose not to endure the discomfort.  We fail because we lead with intention. 

Our wiring, by default, is self-serving.  We have found a way to have our cake and eat it, too, to lead with honesty and be served blessings beyond our ability to account.  Truth has become our beat, and we rest in the light, no longer fearful of the dark secrets of deceit. 


“It's never too late to do the right thing.”

– Roundtable Guest Mark, on a recent episode of



Thoughts and ideas for this blog post were taken and built upon from podcast #154, titled "Elation" and other topics: 6 guys discussing Sobriety”… The session dropped on 3/6/2024….Click here to hear the podcast. 


Photo by Alex Fung on Unsplash



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