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Step 2 – Do you mean I’m not the creator of the universe?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Are you out of choices? Is there strength in weakness?

12-step programs are inherently spiritual. It’s tough to get around it though many have tried. In a traditional 12-step program, spirituality begins at the second step with an admission that there is a power of the universe that supersedes all power (referred to as God) - and that I am not that God.

What we love most about the concept of spirituality over the construct (noun) of religion is that it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as one can choose to define this power greater than ourselves to our own understanding.

Again, the beauty is that though Mike and Glenn share a common understanding of a creator-of-the-all, a 12-step recovery program does not dictate that you buy into their concept of this particular higher power. What works for them works for them; you may choose the same or different. That is the beauty of the term "higher power" (though the term God is used interchangeably in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as in the rooms where members meet)

Please don't let this important element deter you from taking steps toward recovery. Leave yourself open to the belief that there is a power out there greater than you. A power that can release you from the throws of alcoholism and drug addiction. There is no requirement to define that power at this point. Only an understanding that it exists. The question is: Can the same brain and belief system that brought me to this low point – take me to a higher point?

If this sounds too complicated, then we might suggest you're overthinking it. If this sounds too simple, we believe that you are beginning to understand the simplicity of the journey you are engaged in. 12-step recovery is a simple process of doing the next right thing. Just have a little faith that this could be your way out of Hell.

Apply. Rinse and repeat.


Ideas and thoughts for this blog post were taken and built upon from podcast #2 Titled: “Step 2 - Came to Believe” The podcast dropped on 4/14/2021 click here to hear the podcast


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