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“The Gift” is ours

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Steve G joined Mike and Glenn on their weekly sobriety podcast (October 26, 2022), sharing his experience, strength, and hope found through 12-step recovery. He shared on his past, and he shared on his present and what really jumped out at us was his share on the gift of sobriety, and that caused us to think over this term:

Real recovery is a gift. The gift is, simply put, the deep-felt understanding and assurance that, in concert with our involvement and action, the drink and drug problem, as we knew it, is being handled – and that the obsession/compulsion to partake is removed in the present and foreseeable future (daily).

The presenter of this present is solely dependent on where one finds hope. This is precisely where the most important spiritual element of 12-step recovery comes to the forefront. We beg of you to be willing and open to the fact that something other than human power created this universe and that that same creator possesses the power to change the trajectory of our lives.

For us, and many that we know, the gift and understanding are delivered sometimes quietly and unexpectedly.

Some people experience the revelation in a light bulb or lightning strike moment. That was not the case for Mike and Glenn, who only understood the receipt of the gift some time after it was opened. So, it's OK if you didn't “feel” it at any particular point. It is important to accept it even when you don't fully understand it. This acceptance could be complicated or simple. Our advice to those new in recovery is to keep it simple. To those a little deeper into recovery, we say invest and go a little deeper in the exploration, as we have found the discovery process to be developmental and fulfilling.

If you have experienced it, then protect it. If you have yet to experience it, wait for it -It will come if you are the least bit open and willing.

Steve received the gift on January 30th, 1992 and has spent since then protecting this prized possession.

Alcoholics Anonymous, he claims, and we agree, is so much more than the gift of not drinking. The program provides healthy and joyful life experiences that help us deal with those “perfect set of emotional, physical, and feeling problems” that kept bringing us back to the drink and drugs.

Have you ever lost much, or all, of what you thought was important in your life? Maybe you didn't actually lose everything, but it sure felt like everything was lost. Have you ever been in a place where you are painted into the” I've got nowhere to go” scenario? Intervene yourself! Surrender to the disease – daily – and watch the gifts pile up.

Will you be open and protect “the gift” today? – will you follow THE program?

There is nothing better than “the peace” that follows the decision – the decision to concede to your innermost self.



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