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Mikes Backstory – “Pain Motivates”

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Digging into the past of another alcoholic serves two purposes:

One, it helps alcoholics remember where they came from, as pain is a great motivator.

Two, if it’s done properly and in the right setting (though it doesn’t have to be perfect), sharing can create an immediate and life-changing stepping stone to another self-professed alcoholic.

This is mainly why we share our stories of alcohol and drug abuse; to help the next person in recovery.

We hope that Mike's story, and others we present on will inspire our listeners to continue to grow in their recovery contentment. If it is not Mike’s story, we suggest you listen to other episodes or check out sites like so that you feel the connectivity and sense of community essential to a successful recovery.

In this episode, dated April 7, 2022, Mike reveals how verbalizing his need to ask for help was a game-changer for him. So much so that the daily practice continues today in his newfound sober lifestyle. He shares that although his life is still challenging, a perspective change is possible, and yes, probable if one's goal is to get healthy and stay healthy.

For many, alcohol and drug consumption transforms from recreational to required necessity, sucking the light out of life. Be assured that a flicker remains within us that, if fanned, will deliver a new brightness and joy apart from your addiction. If you don’t know how to start, find a recovered addict and ASK FOR HELP.

We hope Mike's story and all our sessions prove to shine a light on your path!

Enjoy the listen.



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