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Welcome to “Writings”

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Sometimes, enlightenment from revelation comes while sipping coffee in contemplative thought. So, it was inevitable that we at sober. coffee would move into this blogging thing. It’s funny, but we didn't know anything about podcasts a couple of years ago. We were late to the game. We were even later in the game when it came to our musings. We will, however, forge forward into this new eLand with confidence and awkwardness.

The purpose of these periodic writings is twofold: to augment our audio and visual sessions for those who would instead read than watch or listen AND to become search-optimized and relevant so we can reach struggling addicts as they look for hope in their helpless state.

We plan to touch on our covered topics and tackle our absolute favorite topic, sobriety - through talk, tips, tools, and sips.

The key component to positively influencing those who struggle with addiction is your participation through feedback. Indeed, we need to hear from you at We want to stay close to the pulse of our community so we can deliver helpful hints and hope to those in need to the best of our ability.

So, enjoy our “Writings,” and let us know how we can be BETTER!


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